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The Locksmiths of Putney are an established, family run, local locksmith company, with over 10 years of experience in the trade, we strive to respond to emergency local lockouts within 15 minutes.


We provide a professional lock replacement and upgrade service as well as emergency burglary repairs including door and frame carpentry, safe opening and door and window reinforcement. Our company vehicles are fully stocked with a wide range of locks to suit all budgets as well as key cutting facilities.


We pride ourselves in our exceptional attention to detail, fine workmanship and punctuality. For further information on services provided, please click here.


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Meet your local Putney Locksmith Team



Brothers and business partners, Daniel and Gareth Page.  We began our locksmith and security business in 2002 after working for a larger firm in Central London.  Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to offering a friendly, honest and expert service to all our customers.   Often the people we meet are stressed and worried after locking themselves out of their homes, are traumatised after coming home to discover they have been burgled or are simply concerned about their home or business security.  Because of this, we continuously offer a prompt and proficient service at a time when it is needed the most. We are highly skilled in our field and our combined experienced spans over 30 years.


As Husbands and Fathers ourselves, we understand how important it is for our families to feel safe within our homes.  Not only when it comes to security but also when inviting a tradesman into your home. We pride ourselves on our professional and courteous manner when carrying out each job and do our best to make each customer feel confident that work is undertaken to an impeccably high standard.


Our services include lock changes and upgrades as well as access into properties due to lock outs.  Where possible, we try to open doors without damaging the existing lock but this isn't always achievable depending on the type of lock fitted.


We also supply and fit access control and intruder alarm systems. Daniel has installed over 300 systems since our business began and is happy to discuss and advise a suitable system based on your personal security needs.  


We also supply and install UPVC windows and doors as well as bespoke hard wood doors and windows.  Gareth is a qualified and experienced joiner and is available to design and install bespoke front and back doors, including french and patio doors as well as timber framed windows.


Our company vehicles are kept fully stocked with the latest in insurance approved locks and security devices with the majority of our products manufactured in the UK.  We will always advise of materials to suit each budget and make each customer aware of the cost of the job before we start to ensure they are comfortable with the price.  


We offer complimentary home and business security surveys to each customer.  Our wealth of knowledge and experience enables us to give expert advice on how to secure your property properly.  We also offer an annual lock maintenance plan for a small monthly cost that covers up to four doors within your property.  This gives peace of mind that the locks in your home are in full working order.


If you would like to arrange a free, no obligation home or business security survey, please feel free to get in touch with us either by email, phone or by filling out the form within the Contact Us page.




Security Advice from Putney Locksmiths


Studies conducted by the UK Police and Home Office show that homes without security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with proper security in place. Obviously, a high tech CCTV and intruder alarm system are the pinnacle of home security devices but taking simple, cost effective measures can also keep your home safe from burglary without breaking the bank.


In most burglaries throughout the UK, criminals accessed properties through the front or back door by either kicking or forcing the door open. A simple bar added to the door can give extra strength and security. Single glazed glass panels on doors are particularly vulnerable as they can be smashed in order to gain entry.  Consider upgrading to a double glazed or laminated glass panel or window that are considerably tougher and harder to break.


It is important to ensure you lock both doors and windows each time you leave the house, even if you are only in the garden. It is also advisable to make sure locks are installed and used on side gates to prevent access to the rear of your property.  Ladders and tools should also be stored and locked away to prevent them from being used to gain entry to your home.


If budget allows, an intruder alarm system is a fantastic deterrent for burglars.  Simply the presence of an alarm box can make a criminal think twice about targeting your property. A straight forward system can cost as little as £350.  Alarm systems combined with a CCTV system can not only give added security but also the peace of mind that if your property were targeted by burglars, the police would have visual evidence for prosecution. A CCTV system also offers particular benefits to the elderly living alone who can often be approached by unsolicited salesman.  The police advise not to open your door unless you are sure who it is.


If you are planning on a holiday, take time before you leave to ensure that your property is not left vulnerable.  Ask a trusted neighbour to keep a watch over your house.  Uncollected mail sitting on a doorstep is a sure sign to a burglar that the property is empty, ask a friend or neighbour to drop by and collect it for you and be sure to cancel any milk or newspaper deliveries for the duration of your trip away.  Use an automatic timer to turn on lights, radios or even TV's for a short time while you are out, this will be a huge deterrent to a burglar who will never be sure if someone is actually at home. Timers can not only be used while you are away on holiday, but also while you are at work. Avoid discussing holiday plans on social networking sites as you are effectively advertising the fact that your property is left empty.


If any of the information we have given you has highlighted a need for an update of security in your home, please contact us for a free, no obligation home security survey.  We will take time to discuss with you effective security measures to suit your budget as well as reiterating home security tips for everyday life.




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